Moveable feasts are Christian holy days that aren’t celebrated on fixed days.  They move in accordance with the celebration of Easter–which is–a moveable feast itself.  The writer Earnest Hemingway borrowed the term to describe places–places that were wonderful, places that produced lasting memories that a traveler could take with him wherever he went.  A place like that stayed with you; it was “a moveable feast.”

To these two kinds of moveable feasts, the diplomatickitchen would like to add a third: occasions around the dining table created by people for people.  Inviting friends or acquaintances or strangers to your home is very different from entertaining them in a restaurant.  There is a  personal stamp on the location, on the food, on the service, on the effort that goes into the planning and cooking.  It is about people doing something nice for other people.  It is intimate. It can make strangers feel like friends.  Whether the gathering is for business or just for fun–it can make good memories that last.

For almost twenty years, the diplomatickitchen has been moving around the world–in Africa, Asia, Europe–wherever my diplomat husband is posted.  I hope the diplomatickitchen’s recipes and menus will have some ideas to offer you as you make your own moveable feasts and occasions that speak welcome, friendship, and love.