Lunch Menus

Click on a menu title to go to the menu.  From there. clicking on an item in the menu will take you to the recipe.

     A Little Italian Lunch (for 6 people)

     Southwestern Elegance (for 10 people)

              Simply Delicious Combinations (for 6 people)

              Lunch on a Winter’s Day (for 6 people) 

              Lunch from the Grill in the Congo (for 6 people)

     Fish and Chicks:  a Long, Leisurely Early Autumn Lunch (for 6 people)  

Menu pictures 001              A Cold Winter’s Day Luncheon Reminiscent of Sunny Climes  (for 6 people)

fleisch ommelette all 026     Easter Lunch (for 4 people, easily adjusted to serve 6 or 8)
Menu pictures 003              A Lunch with Spice and Many Things Nice (for 6 people)

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