Last Touch

The Link will take you to the Post in which the ‘Touch’ is described.

     Sauteed Apple Rings

Lasttouch orangeflower retake luchow pancake finished 015             Orange Segment and Preisselberry Flowers

     Orange Twists

     Roasted Red Pepper Strips

     Green Onion Curls

     Orange Shells

     Strawberry Flowers

     Sauteed Apple Slices with Sage

     Chile de árbol Peppers 

             Lemon Halves tied up in Cheesecloth

     Puff Pastry Plate Decorations

     Clementine Shells and Sprigs of Fresh Basil

             Green Onion Spears with Chopped Green Onion:  a garnish for Soups

            Green Chili Starbursts

     Pink Peppercorns ~ Baies Rose

             Shortbread Flowers with Redcurrant Centers

              Twigs of Dried Thyme

              Adobo Sauce Swirl

              Roasted and Marinated Pepper Strips

              Fennel Ferns

              Caper Berries

              Branches of Parsley and Fresh Red Chilis

              Powdered Sugar and Cocoa Stencil for a Cake

spiced almond soup madewith homemadestock 022              Garam Masala Swirls in Soup

kitchen soup finished 016              Little Bread Soufflés ~ a garnish for Soup

veal cordon bleu all 021              Sautéed Mushroom Caps and Leaves of Fresh Thyme

Braesola with mango caramelized wine baies roses last touch 015              Caramelised Red Wine Sauce and Pink Peppercorns (aka Baies Roses)

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