Occasional Menus

Click on a menu title to go to the menu.  From there, clicking on an item in the menu will take you to the recipe.

     Brunch with Plums, Apricots and little Cheese Tarts

     Elevenses for Ladies

              Dessert and Coffee

     Into the Picnic Basket

             Hungarian ‘Ten O’Clocks’ ~ a Tizórai

              Mixing Breakfast and Business (for 10 people)

              Helga’s Cake and Coffee Party

              An After-Theater Supper (for 4 people and easily adjusted for 2 or 6 people)

bread and butter for tea menu pic 004     A Loaf of Bread and Thou ~ Christmas Season Tea-Time for Two

mulled wine ing and menu pic 004              Blunting the Keen Tooth of Winter:  A Supper Party Following an Out-of-doors Afternoon (for 6 people)

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