Grilled Garlic Butter Toasts

     Arugula and Pine Nut Loaf Cake


     Swiss Soft Rolls

     Fresh Flour Tortillas

     Roasted Shallot and Fresh Rosemary Flatbread

             Rustic Folded Bread with Herbs and Garlic

             Mediterranean Merguez Flatbread with Hot Cilantro ~ Parsley Chutney

              Benne (Sesame) Seed Cocktail Crackers

     Small Spicy Roasted Pepper Corn Muffins

              Savoury Reblochon ‘Cake’ with Bacon, Onion and Walnuts

     Moroccan Flatbread (R’ghayef) ~ Pain marocain

              Tomato and Fresh Mozarella Calzoni (including Ciabatta Bread Dough Recipe)

     Homemade Doughnuts with Chocolate Glaze


chocolate pannacotta ing steps zopf ing steps finished 060              Zopf (Züpfe) ~ a braided Swiss bread

zopf set two choc bread and spread cheese stina 042     Chocolate Bread and Vanilla Hazelnut Spread

pumpkin challah finish and pstachio spread all 025     Pumpkin Challah and ‘Pistazienaufstrich’ ~ a Pistachio and Lemon Spread

Burgundian Walnut Bread 029              Jane Grigson’s Walnut Bread from Southern Burgundy

redpepper spread crackers edamspr quailing 039              Homemade Wholewheat Crackers with Assorted Herbs and Spices

rustic european bread all 081              Rustic Loaves

stuffingbread stuffed dumplingfinished 033     Herb Bread ~ a Loaf for Bread Dumplings or Stuffing (The recipe for Bread Dumplings using this bread is here in this diplomatickitchen post.)

bistro menu pic and ryebread finished 013              Homemade Rye Bread

alu paratnthas rjana retake 003              Ranjana’s Alu Paratha ~ आलू पराठा

angel biscuits pappas buffalo ing angel finished 031              Angel Biscuits

2 thoughts on “Breads”

    • The texannenewyorker has kindly reposted a diplomatickitchen recipe for Batter-fried Merguez Sausages. Julie, the owner and editor of the texannenewyorker blog, posts often and regularly. Her tastes in food are broad so that there is likely to be something for just about everyone included in her list of recipes. Besides being a source of good food, Julie’s blog partakes of her generous spirit and enthusiasm for sharing the nice things she makes with others.

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