Mixing Dinner and Business

(The Menu title is explained here.  The various items in the menu are given first in French because the Main Course and Dessert don’t really have satisfactory English names.  Also, the French and English names for the Pumpkin recipe are different.)

Boulettes soufflées aux pommes de terre et jambon de la ForêtNoire ~ Little puffed potato balls with Black Forest Ham

Fresh dates ~ Mixed olives

Pain marocain ~ Moroccan flatbread (R’ghayef)


Flans aux poivrons rouge et Parmesan ~ Roasted Red Pepper and Parmesan Flans


Petites verrines à la ratatouille fraîche ~ Little Verrines of Fresh Ratatouille


Saumon au poivre ~ Salmon ‘au poivre’

Haricots verts balsamiques ~ Balsamic French Green Beans

Purée de potiron rôtie aux épices ~ Whipped Roasted Pumpkin, Adobo and Maple Spiced


Moelleux au chocolat en aumônières ~ Soft Chocolate Cake in a Beggar’s Purse

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